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How we work

We practice what we preach in how we partner with clients: We seek to understand through engagement. Only by developing an intimate understanding of our client’s organizational context and stakeholders, can we clarify the problem and tailor a solution to drive the desired outcomes.

Our work process involves the following

  • Diagnose. Optimizing performance begins with finding the root cause. We ask smart, provocative questions to ensure that we are solving for the right problem and aiming at the right objectives.
  • Define. With a clear aim, we work with clients to define an holistic solution to drive necessary improvements to processes, content, behaviors, or a combination thereof.
  • Deliver. We deliver the interventions to equip leaders, teams, and individuals with the skills to build, moderate, and participate in effective engagements – be they internal meetings, one-on-ones, or events with external stakeholders.

Committed to supporting our clients

At Apriori, we are committed to supporting our clients’ values and reputation, respecting personal and corporate confidentiality, and working with complete transparency in everything we do. We are proud that our client relationships span years, and that we have earned our clients’ trust over and over to support their most consequential initiatives.

Our Services

What Our clients say

  • "Our impact as an executive team is night and day thanks to our work with Apriori. We are clearer, more aligned, and it shows in our outcomes."
  • "They are technically very good. They have a great line of enquiry and questioning. They help me explore my own path and empower me to come up with my own solutions. Working with them has been a very rewarding experience."
  • "When you get coaching from Apriori, you have a team. Their tandem coaching approach is totally unique. I was able to tap Philip’s CEO and Board experience and Joanne’s communication skills as I assumed my first CEO role. I really hit the ground running, thanks to them."
  • "They bring a unique mix of the qualitative and quantitative. They apply an evidence-based approach and this really takes away any judgement that could creep in. They create an environment in which people can acknowledge their emotions. They can build a bridge as people move from one state of mind to another. This allows critical discussions."
  • "For them and for clients, it never feels like this is just another contract."
  • "They have a great skill in asking questions. They listen very deeply and are able to distil our conversations in ways that we could not on our own."
  • "Their focus is pragmatic, practical, doable, tangible. They easily toggle between strategy and pragmatism. This is important because we are on the hook for outcomes."
  • "Our executive team has been working with Joanne and Philip for the past year. They designed and moderated our year-end review and planning meeting. We left fully aligned around our priorities for the year ahead and have already cascaded them to the organization. That clarity – what an accelerator!"
  • "They do a really good job of corralling and gently guiding people. They move us along when we get stuck."
  • "They make everyone feel seen, heard, and part of the process. They judge the problem, but not the person."
  • "Joanne and Philip are able to be in the room, but it doesn’t feel like they are orchestrating. The team always feels like we are getting there by ourselves."
  • "They have been able to find the path that aligns with me as a person. There are so many possible solutions; no wrong or right. They have enabled me to demand things from the system, such as empowerment, diversity and inclusion."
  • "I feel like I learn something new each time we work with Apriori. They make us smarter and maybe even a little kinder."
  • "When we went through a big transformation, all the structures changed, but no one really knew how to operate within them. Apriori introduced very practical, tangible ways of working that helped us make sense of it all and get back to business."